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Theme Identification:


Identification of the theme or the broad area of research is the first and most important step in any research. Powerful research starts with the choice of a suitable topic. Topic selection is the initial step for proposing a research study. Scientists need to limit a wide region of their research so as to choose a topic. When they are befuddled about picking the correct topics for their studies, Eminent Technology Solutions goes to their help. We comprehend a few personal, academic and career related inclinations of understudies before helping them concluded a reasonable topic for their research.

A few factors that we consider before proposing a topic are,

  • Enthusiasm of a researcher and his/her domain of specialization
  • Extent of investigating a topic and leading original research
  • Exclusively of topic to make a project unique
  • Suitability of covering a topic inside determined time
  • Assessed costs required to inquire about on a topic